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      發布時間:2020-06-19文章來源: 瀏覽次數:

      報告題目:Singularity categories, Hall algebras and i-quantum groups


      摘要:A quantum symmetric pair consists of a quantum group and its coideal subalgebra (called an i-quantum group). A quantum group can be viewed as an example of i-quantum groups associated to symmetric pairs of diagonal type. In this talk, we present a new Hall algebra construction of i-quantum groups. A new class of 1-Gorenstein algebras (called i-quiver algebras) arising from quivers with involutions is introduced, and their singularity categories are characterized by the existence of tilting objects. Their Ringel-Hall algebras are isomorphic to i-quantum groups. This is joint work with Weiqiang Wang (University of Virginia).

      報告人簡介:盧明,四川大學數學學院。2013年7月畢業于四川大學數學系,獲理學博士學位。主要從事于同調代數、導出范疇足彩app_首页、量子群的研究足彩app_首页。共發表SCI論文10余篇足彩app_首页,在Transformation Groups, Journal of Algebra足彩app_首页,Algebra and Representation Theory足彩app_首页,Nagoya J. Math.等期刊上發表論文多篇。

      時間:2020年6月22日 上午9:00-10:00

      騰訊會議 ID:439 336 591    會議密碼:123654

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